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The 2005 LJ Award Winners [Jan. 8th, 2006|12:36 pm]
Ben Layton
These are the results of two people voting, so they are more or less decided arbitrarily by me. So this is just to finalize the process. It's a formality, really.

The winner for best comment is Dave for "Wackiness."

The winners for best thread are Dan Waller and Ben for "Fun to look at."

The winner for best subject is Sarah for "I eat zombies for breakfast."

The winner for best randomness is Mark for "Completely True Trivia."

The winner for best quiz thingy is Ben for "Dr. Bikenstein."

The winner for best dream is Brigitte (and Mark for posting it) for "Wheelbarrows."

The winner for best list is Ben for "Why I should be the next pope."

The winner for best single-sentence entry is Matt for "Math plus Humphrey Bogart."

The winner for best picture is A TIE between Dan Waller for "Santa Is Real" and Ben for "Dr. Sinusaurus."

The winner for best conversation is Ben for "Ben vs. SmarterChild."

The winner for best resignation post is Mark for "Mark doesn't really quit."

The winner for post of the year is...Will for "Shabat Shalom."

Thanks for playing, everybody. It's been a pleasure having this thing for two straight years, and it'll never happen again, I swear.
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The 2005 Livejournal Awards. [Jan. 1st, 2006|11:00 am]
Ben Layton
The new year has arrived, and with the new year comes the new Livejournal Awards. Feast your eyes, dear friends. Because the next one is another year away. Or never. Probably never again.

The categories have changed somewhat from last year. For instance, there haven't been enough recurring theme posts to warrant a category, but there have been enough dream posts by a variety of people to get its own category. Also, there are more nominees cuz it's more fun that way.

You can vote if you want, but it's highly likely that there won't be enough votes, so I'll probably just pick the winners on my own. But vote anyway cuz it's fun.

But that's it. Here they are.

Nominees for best comment:
Sarah for Toilet paper.
Matt for Drunken pronunciations.
Ben for Survey comment.
Dave for Wackiness.
Kris for The new candidate for the Supreme Court.
Dan Waller for Linguistic analysis.
Mark for Percentages.
Mark for Big news.
Mark for David Copperfield.
Will for "I chipped my tooth..."
Will for "In my head..." (read all of the comments to understand the context better.)
Christine for Similar words.

Nominees for best thread:
Dan and Ben for Fun to look at.
Dan and Ben for Little Qualler.
Dan and Ben for Gone too long.
Mark and Ben for House party.
Ben, Kris, Paal, and Mark for Gay dance party.
Dave, Dan, Ben, and Chaney for The Wham!bulence.
Mark and Ben for Sperm and Gorillas and such.
Mark, Erika, Dan, and Kris for Describing Mark.
Ben and Will for Fire.
Mark and Ben for Fake hijacking.
Ben, Chaney, and Erika for Ben is drunk.

Nominees for best subject:
Mark for Crapping your pants.
Dan Waller for M to the inneapolis.
Dan Waller for I want a president who doesn't interrupt good television.
Christine for Theories proved, Bog Saget vindicated, Paal asleep.
Christine for My favorite things, These are a few of.
Dave for Nothing says love like vampire tendencies.
Sarah for If I were a bionic woman, what would I wear?
Sarah for I eat zombies for breakfast.
Lacey for The cartwheelin' ninja.
Chaney for ...and I did it all with socialism.

Nominees for best randomness:
Ben for The bastard children of history.
Ben for The Ashely Temple Phenomenon.
Mark for The Mark Waller Phenomenon.
Mark for Completely true trivia.
Christine for Relaxing Road.
Dan Waller for I am Dan Brown.
Dan Waller for Boring.
Seth for And then you're dead.
Lacey for Cheerleaders.
Chaney for Rhyming post.

Nominees for best quiz/survey-type thing:
Ben for Birthday meme.
Ben for Why Is It Cold? Quiz
Ben for Dr. Bikenstein.
Sarah for The Absurd Cat.
Sarah for Gay childhood icons.
Mark for Self-description with song titles.
Dan Waller for SAT score meme.
Dan Waller for Fortune Cookie.
Matt for A brief survey of my life.

Nominees for best dream post:
Matt for Practical dream.
Christine for "The answer was yes."
Ben for Marrying John Goodman's daughter.
Ben for Zombie toddlers.
Mark and Brigitte for Wheelbarrows.
Will for HUGE toenails.

Nominees for best list:
Mark for What Chris said.
Ben for Why I should be the next pope.
Ben for A night of firsts.
Ben for A list of thoughts.
Christine for Facebook findings.
Dave for Career fair.
Lacey for Things to celebrate on 4/20.

Nominees for best single-sentence entry:
Ben for I am science.
Ben for Why my face doesn't melt.
Mark for The Little Mermaid.
Mark for Also...
Will for Science fiction analogy.
Christine for Cream.
Christine for Learning from facebook.
Matt for Math plus Humphrey Bogart.
Lacey for 1! 2! 3! 4!
Dan Waller for Alternate title. (It's two sentences actually, but only one of the sentences matters.)

Nominees for best picture:
Ben for Lightning bolt.
Ben for Pants and Deodorant Explosion!
Ben for Dr. Sinusaurus.
Will for Camels doin' it.
Christine for Lane on the Playground Titanic. (It's the very last picture in the post.)
Christine for Pinkies, Gnome skeleton, Skeletor, and Golden Girls.
Sarah for Lightning bolt, part II.
Dan Waller for A Dan Waller slide show. (Especially for the one where he's wearing the Kerry Edwards sticker.)
Dan Waller for Santa Is Real.
Dan Waller for Looking like Kris.

Nominees for best conversation:
Ben and Matt for Conversation shotgun.
Ben for Ben vs. SmarterChild.
Christine and Raymond for Christine fires Raymond.
Christine and Jess for Our cable went out.
Christine, Jess, and Muffin for Muffin has something to say.
Seth for Seth vs. SmarterChild.
Lacey and Chaney for Boobs.
Lacey and the Onion Promotions Dept. for You could win $1500.
Dan Waller and his roommmate for You know how I know you're gay?

Nominees for best resignation post:
Mark for Mark didn't really quit.
Paal for Paal quits.
Ben for Ben quits.
Mark for Mark actually quits.
Christine for Chistine suddenly quits.

Nominees for best post of the year:
Ben for The 2004 Livejournal Awards.
Ben for Impersonating an 18th Century poet.
Will for Surreal Saturday.
Christine for Oregon Trail
Mark for 2004 Year in Review
Lacey for Duane.
Dan Waller for Boring town.
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Coming soon to stuff itself into your eyes... [Dec. 23rd, 2005|03:33 pm]
Ben Layton
The 2005 Livejournal Awards.

That's right, I will return for a brief time in January to award the achievements of the most recent year in livejournaling. Who'll win the big one this year? Will Mark Waller take his second Post of the Year in a row, or will he be toppled by his in-family brother? Who will replace Paal as the list champion? What new categories await evaluation? All this and more, developing over the times that I've very bored these next few weeks.
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I'm back...sort of...I guess. [Nov. 30th, 2005|12:52 pm]
Ben Layton
I decided to update LJ because blog is boring. This is boring too, but I figured I'd be less completely bored if I shook things up a bit. So here's to the shakes!
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How Long It Has Been, and How Longer Still It Shall Be [Nov. 3rd, 2005|07:21 pm]
Ben Layton
I am a sellout.

Here's why.
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This is probably the last thing I'll ever post as a Madison resident. [Aug. 5th, 2005|02:29 pm]
Ben Layton
This is it. After today, I'll no longer live in Madison and will probably never live in Madison ever again. Now I could give you all the sappy crap that a normal person would, but that's not at all fun to read, and it's pretty boring to write. I will say only that it will be awesome to the extreme to be back living in Minneapolis, and I look forward to having no internet and being jealous of all my friends who are still in college.

The next time I post, if I ever post again, will probably not be for a few months. So everybody have a stellar August, September, October, and maybe even an awesome November and December too if I still don't have a job and an apartment by then.

It's the end of an era, and as with any era's ending, this one needs an explosion.

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Thank you, Mike Doughty [Aug. 5th, 2005|10:28 am]
Ben Layton
It's good to know that Mike Doughty isn't all about music, he's also part about linking to hilarious sites, like this one about graffiti from Pompeii. I think my favorite one is "I screwed the barmaid."
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It's done. [Aug. 4th, 2005|11:22 am]
Ben Layton
The thesis is done.

The thesis is done.

I feel like I just gave birth. I'm surprisingly overjoyed. Not relieved, overjoyed. This is a very happy moment.

I am done with school.
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Is it just me...? [Aug. 3rd, 2005|09:12 pm]
Ben Layton
Has anyone ever noticed that "Close to Me" by The Cure seems to be half about masturbation? Maybe it's just the weird breathing and sounds that made me think it had something to do with sex. Or maybe that's just typical Robert Smith. Whatever.

80s music rules.

I'm hungry as hell.
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Concerning Sufjan Stevens [Aug. 3rd, 2005|06:50 pm]
Ben Layton
I just saw a "You Hear It First" deal on MTV2 about Sufjan Stevens, and they straigtened up the name pronunciation issue.

It's SOOF-yon.
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